Rafting In Java

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Traveled with coworkers is needed to relieve boredom at work. In addition to travel just as well to maintain cohesion in a community work. Have you tried to travel outdoor, water sports like rafting. to familiarize the team will work together to strengthen the feeling of teamwork.

I have traveled a few references to white water rafting in Indonesia which is interesting to visit, with a moderate to extreme currents. for activities with friends is also very enjoyable.
The following water rafting tour in Indonesia

  • Citarik-Sukabumi
Sukabumi have been very popular among lovers of outdoor activities. Rafting on the River Citarik is suitable to fill your leisure time, especially if you like adrenaline. This activity can be enjoyed by all people from children, adults, men, and women as security systems and equipment provided are of international standard.

  • Pacet Mojokerto regency of East Java
Located in District Pacet Mojokerto East Java, White Water Rafting (Rafting) River Kromong better known as White Water Rafting (Rafting) Pacet. Because Pacet itself has been known as a tourist area like the Thermal Baths, Waterfalls and Wana. Rafting (Rafting) River Kromong this entry Pacet Grade (level of difficulty) 2 s / d 3, with tracks to choose from as far as about 5 Km / 1 Hour, 7 KM / 2 hour, 10 Km / 3 hrs.
  • Melangit River, Bali
In such a beautiful natural environment of Bali, with shady trees, the fresh air, and the animals that live in the wild adds to the sensation of time down the river this Melangit. Moreover, compared to other river in Bali, Melangit River has its own uniqueness. Besides rapids, steep cliffs, Niagara, and sharp corners, so unique that we can enjoy while browsing in Melangit river flows.
  • Elo river Magelang in Central Java



Tourism In Tropical Island

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The tropics is perfect for those who want a vacation trip with family. many tropical islands that offer a variety of travel, such as in Indonesia, central Africa, Latin America. In the country is perfect for a vacation. Beautiful beaches and sunshine all day, good for sunbathing or doing activities under the sun. But do not forget to wear sunscreen, because the heat can make the skin burn. 

one country that has the best beaches in the world is Indonesia. Indonesian shore excursions will never run out, if you want to visit all the beaches. Kuta beach, beach Losari, Pelabuhan Ratu, which is used as pacitan



Debus art Culture of Banten, Indonesian

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Art History Debus
Debus Banten community is original art created during the 16th century, that is precisely in the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1532-1570), in order to spread Islam. Islamic religion was introduced into Banten by Sunan Gunung Jati, one of the founders of the Sultanate of Cirebon, in 1520, in conjunction with the conquest expedition peacefulness of Sunda Kelapa. Then, when the power held by the Sultan of Banten Ageng Tirtayasa (1651-1682), Debus focused as a tool to evoke the spirit of the warriors in the fight against the Dutch colonialists. Moreover, in his reign was going tensions with immigrants from Europe, especially the Dutch traders who are members of the VOC. The arrival of these colonialists on the one hand raise the spirit of jihad of the Muslims archipelago, but on the other side make the deepening of belief in Islam is uneven, which are mixing faith with pre-Islamic traditions. This is contained in art whistle.

Forms of Attraction Debus

Games whistle is a form of art which combined with dance, voice and nuanced magical mystical art. Arts whistle is usually performed as a complement to traditional ceremonies, or for the entertainment community. The show began with the opening of the (bloated), the readings sholawat or rebound of praise to the Prophet Muhammad, the dhikr of Allah, accompanied by percussion instruments for thirty minutes. The next event is outs, ie rebound dhikr singing loud, shrill, bersahut-replication with accompaniment tetabuhan. Along with outs, attractions immunity demonstrated in accordance with the wishes of his players: pierced belly with a cudgel, spear, or weapon almadad without injury; slicing limbs with knives or machetes, eating fire, insert the wire needle into the tongue, cheek skin and other body until redeem without bleeding; slicing limbs to wounded and bleeding but can be cured instantly with just wipe, flush the body with hard water to clothes worn pulverized crushed but the skin remains intact. In addition, there are also attractions crackers or fry an egg on its head, burn the body with fire, climb stairs or occupy composed of a very sharp machete, and rolled in a pile of glass or porcelain. Attractions ends with gemrung, namely games musical instruments tetabuhan.

Spiritual leaders Debus

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